Aviation Experts Think They Understand Autonomous Driving

Aviation experts recently advised the auto industry to proceed with caution in its attempts to build up autonomous driving technology: (http://www.investopedia.com/news/aviation-experts-warn-selfdriving-cars-stall-tsla/#ixzz4FmPkUGEw).

Greg Howard from Aviator Man Magazine said, "Cars are exactly the same as planes and because we understand planes really well, we think we should have a say about cars and importantly, autonomous technology in cars. Autopilot systems on planes are pretty similar, there are lines in the road just like clouds in the sky and just like the sky, you never know when a BMW or Audi driver will cut you up and you have to be ready to take control in that situation."

Greg went on to say that while he thinks technologies like Tesla's Autopilot are good, they should only be switched on when your car is above 35,000 feet for safety reasons. This is another voice in the growing crowd of people who are backing more regulation for the car industry at a time when properly administered autonomous driving technologies have been proven to have killed zero people so far.

Greg says, "That's already way too many and it may be time to engage a knee jerk reaction that is needed to help save future drivers from themselves, and other aircraft."