SnagBook - Snagging Made Easy

Have you recently purchased a new-build home only to find like many others that it also comes with a bunch of defects, overlooked issues, rushed or sloppy work or even worse - structural build errors?

If you're anything like me, keeping track of every little snag with your new home can become a difficult and time consuming process. Sometimes you'll walk into a room and see a snag that you just keep forgetting to report to your developer but don't have time to call and log.

Once your developer does start to fix your snags you can run into other issues like remembering the exact conversation and what work was agreed.

Wouldn't it be better to have all this logged and tracked automatically, with a history log for each snag issue easily brought up when it was needed?

SnagBook is Your New Friend

With SnagBook, keeping track of your new home snagging issues is easy. Logging new snags is a simple process, and viewing a snag's history is effortless.

SnagBook is FREE to use and there are no charges or subscription fees EVER.

Furthermore, each snag can be automatically reported to your developer meaning no more annoying phone calls to describe your problem. When your developer is ready to fix your snag you get sent a notification and details of the fix, along with a schedule of when it will be done.

Logging, communicating and getting a response to your snags is now a simple affair. Check it out!